Paths of Glory PBEM (or live in GMT+1)

Looking for an opponent for PoG. Preferably PBEM but would play online. I’m based in Germany (GMT+1).


I’m happy to play live, I’m GMT.

Would prefer to do small session of 1 or 2 hours and am free most days/times



All right, I’m in. We could give it a try later this evening for a short first act or wednesday afternoon?

Sorry but I bit short notice.

I realise I wrote that I was free most times, which was wrong as I do have some pre-scheduled games via Vassal these are:

Tuesday Evening - No Retreat I think this could on for many weeks as we have another game planned when this is completed
Wednesday Afternoon - Triumph and Tragedy. This is only this Wednesday.
Friday Evening - Here I Stand - I think this will be going on for several weeks as we only play one year each session.

Other than the above and Saturday night, I am available.

My email is