Paths of Glory PBEM

Hi. Anyone up for a Paths of Glory?

Starting on Saturday, by PBEM, vassal + acts.

It’ll be my first game, but I have read the rules twice now, from top to bottom, and I have also completed the extended example that comes with the rules.


I don’t know the game but would like to learn. Maybe you’re looking for a more able opponent. I know the game is popular with some of my other pbem and ftf opponents.
Does it play OK by email? I don’t own the game but do have the rules on pdf.
If you are up to a little tutoring and have some patience, I’d be happy to start a pbem game — but should you have better options — then I’m happy just to fill in as and when.
I’m on Paris time (CET) which isn’t significant for pbem but could be useful for the occasional ftf.

Hi Martin.

I am on the same timezone as you are (I live in Madrid).

I haven’t played the game yet through PBEM, but everyone in forums, along with some veteran players that I know, say that the game is very good through PBEM.

Can we start on monday afternoon? (I am away for the weekend and I’ll be back on monday)
We can use Vassal for the board and ACTS for card management and dice rolls.

I know the rules back and forth, and if you can read them during the weekend, I’m sure we won’t have any problems (the rules are fairly straightforward along with a bunch of exceptions) and we can kick-off on monday.

Drop me an e-mail at with your e-mail, so we’ll exchange through there.

Do you prefer playing with the Allies or with the Central Powers? (I don’t have a preference)



Forgot to say that tutoring + patience are definitely not problems :slight_smile:

I’m sure we’ll enjoy the game.