Paths of Glory - Player Sides 2 vs 2

Howdy- I’m hoping to play Paths of Glory in a team setting and was encouraged by the Players: 2 to 2 designation on the module page. However, the only players sides in 10.3 are observer, Solitaire, Central Powers and Allied Powers.

Normally in the situation I’d edit the module directly and hack in something appropriate, but since (a) this is a module of some complexity and (b) there’s what I’m hoping is implied support for team play, I’d though I’d ask if this is supported out of the box.

If there was information in the available documentation I didn’t see it.

Observer is not a player side, but rather the state of not occupying a player side. You won’t be able to gain access to player hands while in observer mode. Because there is a one-to-one relationship between player module passwords and player sides, the only way you can kludge things to get more than one player sharing a single defined side is for them to all agree on a personal module password to use on their computers. I’d only advise trying this in async play–I’ve experienced live realtime play where more than one connected user had identical module passwords and things go really haywire.

I’d defer to Brian about what parts of the module at this point would need adjustment were you to try and add extra player sides for the other way to get team play support (e.g. Central Powers-1, Central Powers-2, Allied Powers-1, Allied Powers-2, or some scheme like that).