Paths of Glory (v 5)

My gaming partner and I seem to have found a bug today with the lastest module release of PoG. Whenever we created a game online, the next person to synch would be thrown into an observer mode (both Allied and CP hands greyed out). We tried various things, but none of them worked. When we went back to v4, all worked fine.

I experienced a similar problem today.
We tried to play but to no avail: the other player couldn’t choose to be other than the observer.

This usally means that the Module Designer forgot to retire from the game before creating the Saved Game that he then included in the module as a prefefined setup. The other side is now permanently locked to the Module Designers password.

This can only be fixed by the Module Designer loading the setup, retiring, then save the game and replace the predefined setup in the module.

Ah… and how could I do that?

You will need to contact the module designer through the Vassal web site (Mark Benninger) and ask him to fix it.

It only appears to be the ‘Opt Corps no GOA’ scenario, so your options until Mark fixes it are:

a) Play another scenario
b) Start a ‘New Game’ scenario and do the setup yourself


We played: “Standart with GOA”.

Ok I shall contact the mod designer.


Ok, I’ve sent an email to the designer.


I received a very kind reply by Mark Beninger, this is what he told me to do:

The way I always do this is that one person starts…

He picks Start new game offline

Then he selects the game setup.

I skip selection of sides if that option shows up and go to Finish so the module opens up.
Then I go to the Retire button, and from there choose my side.

Once I have chosen the side I clik on the two arrows which are the 3rd button in, which then opens up the game window on the right. Click on the two arrows that show in that new window to connect to the server.

Now type in your game name next to the space labelled New Game: for instance I use Mark vs Jeff

When the other person shows up he simply right clicks on your name in the Current Game window, chooses synchronize, and he will have the option of either taking the observer or the other side not taken normally.