Paths of Glory

Looking to play POG. I have not played on Vassal, I signed up today…

But I own the game and know how to play

I’m interested. Have the game, but no one to play with. Would probably need to do PBEM at first, but I should be able to access daily. Expect some learning pains in both the game and working through VASSAL.


Hi guys,
Just saw your message which was good timing as I was just going to list an identical request. I am up for a game of POG via email (I live in Western Australia) and can do moves pretty much on a 1-2/day basis. I have played the game a few times before, but never beyond the Limited War phase. Familiar with Vassal having played a game once before. I’m keen to do a full game.

I would like to play


If still interested, I’d like to play. PBEM is good for me (time frame is GMT+1/+2, depending on summer variation).

My E-mail,

More interested in a live game… finish it in one day…