Paths of Glory

Looking for a game of PoG. Many years ago, I played the game, both Vassal and F2F, few times – not many of that remained in my brains; I reread the rules this weekend and very eager to try the game in a PBEM + dropbox match. Anyone?

Sure thing, bud. I am not sure about getting started, though. PBEM wise.

It should go smoothly, PBEM-wise – CDGs, in general, are very playable by email, at least if my opinion is concerned. What you say?

Ok, good sir. You need my email? If so, send me a pm.

I would like to start a game. I am starting. Just a couple of games.

I got two games going now; adding a third one might cause a bit of confusion for my brains. I’ll post an update when I am ready. Thanks!