PBEM Austerlitz 1805 - Hexasim

Hello everyone !

I’m new to wargames and I first bought the Rising Eagles, Austerlitz 1805 by Hexasim. I’m currently learning it (have played the first scenario alone and right now playing the 2nd scenario via PBEM) and would like to share it with someone who is either patient and experienced or just as newbie as I am and want to learn the game at their rythm !

If you’re interested in it, just contact me and we can settle it !

Hi Romaingrr,

I am an absolute newbie but would really love to try Austerlitz. I have very little hex & counter wargame experience (life long Axis & Allies player) and am new to Vassal but if you would be willing to be patient I would love the opportunity to learn in a PBEM game.