PBEM Columbia Block games, Command and Colors?

Looking to play almost any Columbia block game, willing to try Command and Colors. I have most of the Columbia Games and am very familiar with how they play, just haven’t done it with Vassal. Command and Colors (any flavor) looks really intriguing and I would love to give it a try, but I don’t currently own one so would need to find the rules somewhere.

I must warn everyone I’m new to Vassal, so it will probably take a few turns to get proficient…

I’m also willing to try almost any game that will be played at WBC (just got my confirmation e-mail from Don Greenwood :smiley: ) so I can get some practice. Most interested in Breakout Normandy (I am a bad player, but I’ve played it) but make a suggestion…


The only game I’ve played was Pacific Victory.

Certainly very interested, have lots of Columbia block games and also C&C Ancients, so sounds like a good match.

Most probably easiest to email me directly - johnhockey.spicer@btinterent.com, and then we can talk about what to play.


I think I’ll check into these : )

Is that our correct email address? I got a bounce back until I changed it to johnhockey.spicer@btinternet.com

Thanks Darius - you’re correct, I reversed a couple of letters and my email address is johnhockey.spicer@btinternet.com.

Hi there. I’m interested in a game of Break-Out Normandy. I am at bstirrat@gmail.com if you are interested.

I’d be interested in playing either Command and Colors: Ancients or Napoleonics or any of the following Columbia Block Games… Julius Caesar, Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex , Napoleon or Bobby Lee.

I’m completely new to Vassal and fairly new to the C&C series …I have just picked up a copy of both ancients and napoleonics recently. I expect I’m only able to PBEM due to the demands of a new baby.

PM me if you are interested.


[size=200]Just sent you a match request for Napoleon[/size]