PBEM - Is there a way to show a unit's movement path?

Hi - Just started my first VASSAL game: Avalon Hill’s “Stalingrad”, and it looks great!

We are playing by email, that is, Player A takes a turn, saves, emails it to Player B who takes a turn, saves, and so on.

When I start moving my pieces I thought I read somewhere that I can hit a combination of keys in order to show on the gameboard the path I have moved a piece. For example, if I move a unit from SS12 to WW10 a line will trace between those two hexes along the path I’ve moved. Am I dreaming this, or is there really a way to do this?


The pieces in the module have to be configured to allow display of movement trails. If they don’t have the proper trait assigned, the module will have to be edited to add that capability.

I don’t see any place in Preferences or in right-clicking pieces or other pulldowns in the AH Stalingrad module that enables display of movement trails. Am I overlooking the right place to set that?

And, if it’s not available in this module, am I able to edit the module to add this capability or is that to be done by a system admin?


The individual pieces need to be altered in the Editor to have the movement trail capability added to them. Then any game window/map can be set up to show movement trails Always, Never, or based on the user’s preference settings.

Anyone can edit a module if they know how. If it’s something someone else is maintaining, I think a good rule of thumb to use is common courtesy–contact the person to see if they are willing to add a feature themselves, or to see if they wouldn’t object to you doing it.

OK, thanks, so someone has to enter each of the 100 units in AH Stalingrad in order to track them. Sounds rather tedious, so I think we’ll pass on that. Thanks for letting us know!

If the module has been built properly, each unit will have a Prototype containing the basic capabilities. It should be just a matter of changing one or two prototypes and rebuilding the set ups.

Actually, I’m not sure why, but unit movement trails were turned off in v2.4 of the module. v2.5 (on the module page) re-enables them.