PBEM La Bataille series

Hi all,

I’m looking for an opponent to play a game from la Bataille series, I just own Quatre Bras II and Moscowa III but I’m open to play whichever.

I’m not an experienced player and I’m still learning. :smiley:



I would love to play Quatre Bras! I have a big aversion to PBEM however. The interaction is the best part of games for me. There are too many “little moves” to email back and forth. Any chance you would be willing to play on Vassal using Skype? It works fantastic, costs nothing and takes less than two minutes to install (if you don’t already have it)! I’m in the Central Time Zone. I currently have games with guys in Chicago and Virginia Beach. Have managed to play against a guy in Sweden even!

Is there La Bataille vassal modules?

Yes. Quatre Bras is one of them. You play using the Regs of the year XXX correct?

I’m an ASL player, Skype and VASSAL are obligatory :smiley:
Anyhow I agree about live game, I’m italian (GMT+1).

Yes, just update to 1.2 version.

I want to use the last version of rules, Exclusive Rules included.

What is your mail?

michael_clark@charter.net I am at GMT -6 (till November then GMT -5).

Latest version of QB module is now 1.3

Opponent found, thanks.