PBEM logfile

I’m doing something wrong, but can find the documentation to understanding what.
The only place where I found a minimal explanation is

I try to simulate a pbem before beginning a real one with someone else, so:

  • start the module D-Day (for example) and select side (axis)
  • Begin log file, save it
  • place all units, logfile writes down each move, as “axis player …”
  • end logfile
  • close Vassal
    then send the log file to opponent (myself in this case)

Now I’m the opponent, the Allied player

  • open Vassal
  • load saved game, choose the logfile
  • step by step I see all initial set-up of the axis player
  • Then a dialog “End logfile”, ask me to begin a new logfile: YES; NO; don’t prompt again
    here I have a doubt, so I tried both options
    IF NO
    Each move I made is annotated as Axis (should be the allied now).

IF YES, I begin a new logfile
Each move is annotated as Axis either.

Any help please?.

This is relevant to your questions

vassalengine.org/wiki/Faq_ge … 27_work.3F


When you refers to
This is relevant to your questions
vassalengine.org/wiki/Faq_ge … 27_work.3F

After reading it,
“Resigning disassociates your password from the side”,
so I think this is not the way to change sides in the log file.

the paragraph that begins with
<<When you create a new game, … is associated with that side in that game and is saved (safely encrypted) in the save file…>>

Also I not understand well the difference between a “save file” and “logfile”, which should I send to my opponent?

MacOS 10.6.8
Vassal 3.1.15

You are totally misunderstanding the point about sides.

A side is still a side, pbem (log files) or live. You cannot expect what you are doing to work properly testing by yourself without retiring from the side you own before you are allowed to take ownership of another side. That is the root of your problem

You would send your opponent the log file. The log file includes all the recorded moves / information that has occured since starting that they would want to see happen. A save file is just a static snapshot at the point and time it was created of the game state