PBEM Napoleon at War SPI

New at Vassal, I have SPI, AH, GDW, games and would love to play, any suggestions welcome.

Sounds great. What games do you have in mind?

Hello, any of the Napoleon At War games would be fine, also Avalon Hills Waterloo, or Afrika Korps, something with simple play mechanics and if possible move on to something more complex later if you like. I have been playing for many years and have a fairly large collection to chose from. Anyway let me know.

OK. Of course it all depends on which games are available on Vassal. I also have a fairly big collection of wargames, some boxed and some from magazines, but not all have Vassal modules. Looking through the Vassal modules are there any which are your favourites. We may just be lucky.

My first choice is The Battle of Borodino:Napoleon in Russia 1812 (SPI). I played this at a convention many years ago and enjoyed it.

This is a partial list,Anzio,Battle of the Bulge,Barbarossa: The Russo-German War 1941-1945, Breakout & Pursuit: The Battle for France 1944, D-Day, Fortress Europa, Guadalcanal, Leningrad, Narvik (favorite), Panzer Armee Afrika: Rommel in the Desert April 1941-1942, Pearl Harbor, Russian Front, Sicily: The Race for Messina Stalingrad, The Ardennes Offensive: The Battle of the bulge: 1944, The Moscow Campaign: Strike & Counterstrike, Napoleon at Waterloo, The Battle Of Borodin: Napoleon in Russia 1812. I have many SPI, S&T magazines with games. Also entire GDW Europa. And more , but this is a good start. Anyway let me know.

Sicily: Race to Messina is a great game. Part of the SPI Victory in the West series. If you would like to give it a go let’s talk off-forum. My email is cljones900@gmail.com

Highly interested in playing Wagram, Battle of Nations and Marengo with you. I can do a turn a day usually. I used to play these FtF in the old days. Now I have several GMT games on Vassal under my belt. Chicago time if you insist on live play. Use Google Duolingo.
Mark R.

Would Vassal by e-mail be okay? Let me know because I’m interested.

Vassal by email? hmmm… sounds interesting. Being from the old SPI era and just recently “brushing up” (after digging through a box that was kept from years ago… lol) on Borodino, and then on to Battle for Germany and then to Ardennes Offensive (one of my favs from the era)… by email sounds does indeed sound interesting given my often times short windows of time to do it. After doing a few dry runs (aka, solitaire mode), Borodino was nice for a quick review (and always works nice for introducing someone younger or new to the sport), but it seems that Battle for Germany is much better action and a lot interesting for an old salt like myself (or, grognard … a new word recently added to my vocabulary.) However, it was the Ardennes Offensive “puzzle” (yeah, I’ll call it that) that intrigued me. Had to dry run the opening 4 or five turns a few times to figure out how to win (a quick, decisive victory) as the Germans. Now, even though it seems most reviews think the Allies have a distinct advantage (which the various scenarios evidently confirm, allowing only for slowed Allied reinforcements and/or accelerated German reinforcements), I can’t figure out how the Allied player can defend against such a strong German open… lol. Great game rules in it, for sure… and some real “tricks” need to be used (all in full compliance with the rules, of course.) Maybe after you (or someone else reading this) brushes up on this (and you best have a very good handle on “fighting retreats”), you (or they) can show me (by email, or perhaps otherwise) an Allied defense (or another strategum) that might actually work well enough to prevent being able to call this for the German player by turn 6.

Okay, throwing down the gauntlet here on anyone thinking they’re sharp enough to beat the Germans in the Ardennes Offensive. (If not, you’ll likely raise the white flag by turn 5… if not sooner.)