PBEM opponent wanted for "starter" wargame

I’m looking for a PBEM opponent and a recommendation for a “gateway”/starter/newbie-friendly wargame.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I would be very interested in playing some PBEM games. If your looking for a gateway wargame, i would suggest command and colours ancients (which i have played before in real life), Memoir 44 (same system as command and colours but a bit easier, played once) Crusader Rex (have not played before, but would like to try), Hammer of the Scots (same as Crusader Rex), Twilight Struggle (played a few times) or War of the Ring( i have played this a few times in the last few months but i don’t think that would be a game that translates well to Vassal) I would be happy to try any of these games, though i would prefer to give Crusader Rex or Hammer of the Scotts a try.
Just a word of warning, i am new to vassal. In fact i have never actually played a game online on vassal before, but i am a quick study and i reckon i can get the hang of this pretty quick.
Sincerly Ryanmega2