PBEM opponents for OCS Burma or DAK II

I’m new to VASSAL and new to OCS games in general, but I’d like to try playing Burma or DAK II. I’ve read the v4.0 OCS rules and the game specific rules for these two games. I have a copy of Burma at home and have worked through the 1st Burma training scenario. All that said, I’m sure there are parts of the game I have yet to really understand. Are there any patient OCS-ers that want to have a go at a PBEM game of one of these module’s training scenarios?


Hi Chris, still looking for an opponent? I would love to play DAK II.

I’m in Spain (GMT +1) but during march and april will be in Perth (GMT + 8). I have played some OCS games and once at DAK II.

You can contact with me at fxpinyolnavas (at) gmail dot com

Best Regards,