pbem opponents

Posted in recent note concerning Totaler Kreig however am also open for more EOTS either on acts or just vassal, makes no difference to me. Have a game open on Acts if interested. I can usually get several turns done a day if response is there.

Hi Juno,

I´m interested in trying EOTS, but:

  • I´d be an absolute beginner
  • Need the weekend to refresh the rules, wich I read some time ago.

Just tell me if you are still interested


Yes up for a learning game. If you are rules ready let me know . We can play a turn or so open handed so to speak to assist your ‘learning curve’. Several good reads on BGG site and the most up to date Q&A as well. Let me know if you need a link to that.


Ok, then - I’ll let you know when I finish the reading, I guess we could start Sunday or Monday.

Yes, please send me those links