Pbem process


Looking under help wiki and not sure I have the process of how this is supposed to work. Here’s what I have done.

I have the module “Hold the Line”
Open Module
Select start game off line
Select scenario and choose side
Start Log file
Process my move
End log file (did not select end turn as this clears my moves and switches to other player, so did not do this)

To test this and see if it works I did the following
Open Module
Load saved game

When I do this it loads the game but it shows it at the start without any of my moves etc.

So either I am doing something wrong or it’s because it needs to be sent to another player for it to work.


On the toolbar, there’s a ‘Step through log file’ button that will replay each move made by your opponent. Every time you click it, you will see his move, or his chat, or his die roll, or whatever he’s done on his turn.

When you get to the last step, the module should then give you a chance to start your own log file, make and record each move, and save the log. You can then email the log to your opponent.

The PBEM process is explained in more detail in the Vassal User Guide, available on the Help menu.

Also useful to note that the shortcut key for the “Step” button is PAGE-DOWN. Sometimes you need to get the focus right for the key to work, but much faster then.

Thanks guys! By accident I discovered the page down button this morning. Even saw it mentioned in the help file but it didn’t click. It probably didn’t help at the time that my wife was talking in my ear when I was trying to do it :laughing: