PBEM Twilight struggle

Anyone up for a casualgame of Twilight struggle? I am looking for a less experienced player- since I only have a few games under my belt.

I’m up for a game. Just bought it recently and learned the rules, but haven’t played it yet. PBEM works best for me.

You can count me in. I’ve played something like ten games since I got it.
PBEM is fine.
Just message me to set it up.

gd4901 wrote:

I’m interested, played only a couple of times before.


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I haven’t heard back yet from the initial post. But it looks like we could get a couple games going based on the replies.

Hey guys- sorry not to post- but my father in law was seriously hurt in a work accident :frowning: - but ready to go- please PM me!

Are there some people still interested in playing TS? I’d be happy to join in or get a game goin.

I will play … VERY Familiar with the game but have not done PBEM. looking for friendly game


are you playing Twilight Struggle?

anyone looking for a live-opponent…i rather do that than PBEM


I’d be up for a live game. My schedule is pretty open over the next month (stupid economy.) Though, I am a newbie to the game. I’ve only played 3 or 4 turns, but I have read the rules cover to cover.