PBEM Wargames

I used to play wargames much more frequently, but I am looking to get back into them after a long absence. I’m mostly interested in PBEM (about a turn a day). I am open to playing live online but my schedule (GMT -6) may make that difficult.

Games I am interested in:

ASL (have the second edition rulebook)
Victory in the Pacific
US Civil War (GMT)
Totalier Krieg/Dai Senso (2011)
War and Peace (One Small Step version)
Twilight Struggle
1805 Sea of Glory

Are you interested by a playtest of The US Civil War 3rd edition in pbem?
boardgamegeek.com/thread/260088 … ment-and-t

Sure, I’d be willing to give it a try

Hey I’d be interested in trying Victory In The Pacific. Never done it PBEM, but more
than willing to give it a go.