PBEM with Newbie?

I’m rather new to VASSAL. I have played a few games solo using the software, but not with an actual person. I own many different war games (175, give or take a few. See http://www.boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/patricko). I’d prefer to start with something light as I learn how to play somebody via PBEM. I assume I make moves, fight battles, etc…, then save log file and email it to my opponent who then does same? Please let me know if you are interested!

I’m up for it Patrick.

Your game inventory is impressive, though leans heavily to the hex-and-counter side. The one with which I am most familiar is Caesar-Alesia. I owned and played it several times 30 years ago. I am happy to play something else, but would be learning the game. E.mail me at carlthepal@yahoo.com.

I have to confess that I have not played this one. I was looking for something very simple so I could become accustomed to the software and play flow. Since I haven’t played it, I don’t know how simple it is. How about a quick game of War at Sea or something. Then I might be more comfortable playing something I haven’t before. However, I’d try it if you want to walk me through it.

I will play war at sea with you… But I am newbie for PBEM. Normally I play live

Don’t have the time to play ftf now. What times work for you?

Feel free to PM.


Ed, I didn’t receive your PM.

I see that you have Flying Colors listed among your games. If you are still looking for opponents I would be happy to play a pbem game with you. If we play one of the smaller scenarios and ignore the advanced rules it should be fairly easy.


Hi Bryan,
I’m currently doing so with Carlos. We are playing the Cape Henry Scenario. Still, I wouldn’t mind starting another. I’m both relatively new to both VASSAL and Flying Colors, but they have both seemed intuitive so far. Do you have a scenario in mind? I also have Serpents of the Seas.
Best Wishes,