Anyone interested in a PBEM game? I’m starting to play again after a long break for school and would like to start one or two low stress PBEM games. I prefer PL and SL but I am open to other games. I have a lot of the old AH games, and I am willing to try something new as long as it isn’t complicated. Not looking to compete with someone either, just a relaxed game for fun.


SGT Stinky

What games are you looking to play?


A low stress game sounds good.I like the old AH games.Send me reply if you want to game on.


Would you like to play Blitzkrieg, Battle of the Bulge (1981 ed), or Anzio (4th ed)?

I too want to play for fun. It is the only way.

Anzio maybe, let me look at the rules, I have a couple of games going right now but if I can swing it I will take on another.

Please take your time. I am in no rush and PBEM makes it easy in terms of playing/time. Let me know when you might like to play.