I know it’s summer guys but there must be people still looking to get some games going. I use vassal and pbem mostly. Can do some online mixed in to game . Barbarossa to Berlin, Empire of The Sun, Twilight Struggle. Totaler Krieg 1999 version. For The People.

PM me if interested.

I never played Empire of the Sun and i want to try. Are u in?

Have you read rules? Need to know how much vassal and gaming experience involved?

Yes i’ve read the rules but they are very deep. i realize that i didn’t understand it very well. i’ll read them in more detail this weekend and contact u again next week. if u are still interested, we play, ok?

Have a nice weekend

Sounds good, we could play a game with open cards for learning if you want , can use the mod for cards and dice or Acts for them .

hey man i was busy these last weeks, but i read the rules again and i wanna play if u still interested. let me know if u want

No worries we can play any time. ggoodfellow@telus.net