PDF Help files display wrong title

Vassal 3.6.16 WIN64

PDF Help files display wrong title when launched from within Vassal Module



That looks like you have the internal metadata “Title” field set incorrectly, and that’s what’s being displayed. A lot of PDF viewers display the internal Title field rather than the filename.

Edit: see this StackOverflow question for some tips on how to fix that.

With all due respect, I don’t believe this is true…

When I open the PDF file (originally generated from Open Office), the filename of the file show correctly in Acrobat reader (see below). There is something unique about how Vassal opens the PDF that causes a different result…


Vassal isn’t displaying the title incorrectly—none of those things shown above are the PDF’s title. They’re all filenames. The PDF is extracted from the module to a temporary file so your PDF reader can display it, and the temporary filename is not the same as the original filename. That’s what you’re seeing.

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My mistake, then. In that case, I think the only solution would be to use a PDF viewer that does display the internal Title field instead of the filename (I use Okular on Linux, but I believe Firefox also displays the Title field instead of filename when it’s available).

If it were possible to set the temporary filename to the original filename stored in the vassal module, this would correct this issue. It’s not a big deal, but if you have several help files in the module open at once, it would help keep things organized…

Don’t know if that is possible (or easy to do), but I would definitely recommend it as a fix, at least for V4…