Peer to peer connection on Mac OS

Trying to connect peer to peer with someone and can’t make sense of the guide in the manual [page 8]. It seems to be explaining for PC but we are both on Macs and can’t figure it out!

Any help would be appreciated.


At what point specifically are you getting stuck? Which manual are you looking at?

Thanks. we get stuck when we try to send an invitation - it says it has been sent but does not arrive. This is page 9 of the userguide I am trying to follow, but on Mac OS we don’t get that dialogue box and are unable to open a room.

The dialogs for P2P are the same on all platforms. I suspect you’re being blocked by a firewall.

Is there a reason you’re trying to use P2P instead of the public server?

We suffer a lot of lagging at certain times of day and once could not connect to the server at all - but we solved that by saving the module using the current version of VASSAL.

How would we find out if there is a firewall blocking us?

You will also need to set up port forwarding on your routers, most likely (port 5050 in both cases). Here’s the first hit from Google when I searched “How to open a port on a mac”. I have no idea if it’s still accurate (the Mac directions are after the Windows directions, and there’s a link to a port fowarding article at the end).

You could use something like nmap to determine if/where you’re being blocked.