Permission to post SPI and Decision Games modules

The VASSAL Team is pleased to announce that we have received permission from the head of Decision Games to host VASSAL modules for most SPI and DG games! For a long period many such modules were not allowed to be hosted because of exclusive licensing agreements that DG had entered into.

Several games remain excluded from the general permission to host, because Decision Games has developed and markets e-versions of the games. Games for which modules cannot be hosted are: the D-Day at Omaha Beach series, RAF series, War in Europe, and Struggle for the Galactic Empire.

All other SPI and DG games not covered by the exception above may now have modules hosted here on the VASSAL site! So please start making and posting some!!!


Great news! Huzzah!

Not only for gameplay, but this also allows Vassal to serve as an important preserver of game culture.

excellent news ! (happens also to read it today, my birthday, an excellent present, to say the least…)

now let’s start repairing the damages caused by all those years (at least one module, Across Suez, is in Vassal 1.x zip format…)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

This is great news!

Maybe this had something to do with the DG turnaround.

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