Pick a game any game

I am looking for opponents in any of the following games: Ascension, Monopoly, Risk, Risk 2210AD, SW Epic Duels, Stratego, ESPECIALLY Super Dungeon Explore, Twixt, and Zombies. Please let me know if you are interested in any or all of them.

Hey MasterGM,

Interested in your games list but I’m looking to play via PBEM. Are you looking for live or PBEM players?

I know how to play zombies. Let me know when you want to play.

I am interested in playing with live players, but I could give PBEM a chance, however I do not know how you would do that. Show me how and I would be more than willing. Which games are you interested in?

I’d be interested in Dungeon explore, if you’re willing to teach me the gameplay. I have some basics, but have never played it yet and I’m new to Vassal. I’d rather take PbEM, but if your timezone is around GMT+/- 1-3, I’ll play also live.

I live -4 GMT so there is that. This Wednesday I have one person who is already interested in playing in the so we are going to play it live. We will be playing 9PM EST if you wouldn’t mind one more hour difference. Otherwise I would be more than happy yo attempt PbEM, but I actually do not know how to do that really. I have never done.

As far as how to play it: youtube.com/watch?v=jd7zBRiPyD4 this video series explains all of the rules and gives you an example of play.

Everything is described in User’s guide:
http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/8/8c/Userguide.pdf on page 10.

It’s really easy. About the wednesday game. If I won’t be too tired, I’ll join (it’s 1-2 am for me), however I’ve never used Vassal, so I don’t know how to find out whether you start a game or not.

Actually that link is how to play Super Dungeon Explore. Once you know how to play that using vassal is not that difficult to learn.

Risk/Zombie plague

PBEM or live. Central time evenings

Just downloaded vassal. All new but willing to play Stratego if your interested. Should help me understand this forum.

If you dont mind, i am moving and wont have depenable internet until the 11th-13th (7 days). I would like to play PBEM, as many turns sent back and forth in a days time as you wish.

Please download the stratego game, and when i send to you, i can walk you through the process. thanks!