$pieceName$ is not working on some counters when added to map board

I have a set of pieces divided in different scrolable lists in tabs in a palette.

Some of them, when you drag it to a map, use $pieceName$ to mark the log that it is created, moved, etc.

In the case of one set of counters when you drag the piece to the map, it puts a β€œ1” instead of the name.

For example:

  • 1 MATT Allied created 1 in Z16 *
  • 1 MATT Allied created 1 in D13 *
  • He115h MATT Allied created He115h in D14 *
  • 1 MATT Allied created 1 in D12 *
  • Dandolo 2 MATT Allied created Dandolo 2 in C9 *
  • Dandolo 2 moves C9 β†’ C9 *

The aircraft (line 3) and submarines (lines 5 and 6) do as I expect. The ships (lines 1,2 and 4) do not. The β€œMATT” is there for me to prove I have the right spot (I do) and the β€œAllied” is $PlayerSide$ and that works correctly as that is how I am logged in.

The Tactical Map properties looks like this:

I cannot find anything different in the piece properties or their prototypes

In the build file for the first two ships I have this in the build file:

| <VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot entryName=BB01 Bismarck gpid=11b:2932 height=150 width=355>+/null/prototype;BB Bismarck Class|prototype;Capital BB|piece;;;BB01 Bismarck.png;BB01 Bismarck/||null;297;223;11b:2932;0</VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot>|
| <VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot entryName=BB02 Tirpitz gpid=11b:2933 height=150 width=355>+/null/prototype;BB Bismarck Class|prototype;Capital BB|piece;;;BB02 Tirpitz.png;BB02 Tirpitz/||null;0;0;11b:2933;1;ppScale;1.0</VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot>|

For the submarine which works I have:

                    <VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot entryName="Dandolo 2" gpid="11b:3791" height="150" width="150">+/null/prototype;SS Dandolo Class	piece;;;Dandolo 2.png;Dandolo 2/	null;0;0;11b:3791;0</VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot>

And for the He115

                    <VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot entryName="He115h" gpid="11b:3602" height="150" width="150">+/null/obs;72,0;He111h-back.png;Step Loss;GHe111h-back.png;?;player:;Peek;;true;;	prototype;Aircraft Prototype\	piece;;;He115h.png;He115h/null;	\	null;0;0;11b:3602;0</VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot>

Any ideas of what is going on here?

Do any of the pieces incorrectly reporting their names have Layer traits that are configured to be always active?

Well that did it. I unchecked the always active box and the name show just fine and that is the most important, but now that feature does not work. It was trivial, just showed explosions to mark damage . Just a visual freebie but can I get that to work with the counters? If I have to choose one I will take the names.

Thank you. You must have hit this before.

This is only an issue because you specified a level name and did not select either Suffix or Prefix. In that case, the level name completely replaces the usual name.

The level name is optional. If you want the piece to have the same name when the layer is active, then don’t add a level name. Alternatively, select Suffix or Prefix to have a combined name, or neither to have the level name completely replace the default name.