"Pinging" the map

…is there a way to “ping” the map, as in many multiplayer computer games? If not, allow me to humbly request such a feature.

Meanwhile, is there a way to “hack” one? Setting a timeout for a special counter of some sort?

Yeah it’s a “hack” but it’s an oldy-and-goody:

  1. Pull down Paths of Glory 9.7 module
  2. rename it to a zip file so you can open it up.
  3. Pull out the “PBU” folder (and the files in it).
  4. Put the PBU folder (and its contents) in the root directory of YOUR module (rename it from VMOD to ZIP temporarily if you need to)
  5. Open YOUR module in the editor
  6. Right click on your main map, and select “add imported class”
  7. Into the fully-qualified-class blank, type: PBU.LookAt
  8. Save your module

Now launch it, and Ctrl+Clicking the mouse should do a little mouse circle ping. Which will work both in Online and PBEM.


Oh and then it will be jacked in Vassal 3.3 on HiDPI machines, until one of us gets around to fixing it. Which might eventually be me, but it won’t be until after 3.3 is out of Beta.

Ha! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who missed this feature.

“jacked” = broken?

Yes, haha :slight_smile: It won’t “break everything” (aka “be completely jacked”), it will just print the circle offset to the side on HiDPI monitors.

Ah. In any case, I am happy to report that currently it works like a charm!