Pirates CSG/Pirates of the Spanish Main

Hi, if anyone is interested in playing Pirates of the Spanish Main, just let me know! There is going to be a game tomorrow night. (Game also known as Pirates Constructible Strategy Game and Pirates of the Cursed Seas.)


Would you know if the rulebook is available online in PDF format somewhere? I may be interested in a pirate game, but I’ve never played this one yet.


Sorry for the late response, I’m still new to this forum.

There is a great file on BoardGameGeek HERE.

Thanks for your interest!

Xerecs and I have started the first of two tournaments for Pirates CSG to determine the best fleets of all time! In addition, the module has been edited since my original post in this thread (mostly for World game purposes), so now there are 10 masters! (Also a few minor things were fixed)

New module:
dropbox.com/s/9wdsjjxrlwt7l … .vmod?dl=0

There may be a game tonight to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ocean’s Edge set! In addition, we’re now at about 13 people who have played games on the module over the past year or so. Feel free to come sail with us!

Xerecs and I have started The Caribbean Game, which is a grand campaign to be played over many years on the VASSAL module. The rules we’ve made are dense for newcomers, but if you’d like to join in, just let us know.