Place marker and Game Piece Layers

I am not sure whether this is a bug or an intentional behaviour though it causes some incosistency.

If a piece has an appropriate Layer (as in Game Piece Layer Map property) and a Place Marker trait, then the marker won’t stack with the piece. If I set the Layer to the Marker, then it stacks properly. Setting Layer to a Marker may be not that straightforward if a given Piece, on which Marker is placed, has multiple Layers which can be freely changed by the player.

A possible solution I came up with is to add a checkbox “Inherit Layer” to a Place Marker window. When checked, the Marker would, well, inherit the Layer from its parent Piece.

Is the marker to be placed something that will be attached to the piece, or is it applicable to the location? I.e., is the marker left behind if the piece moves?

If the marker is attached to the piece, one alternative is to just not have it be a separate piece at all, but rather a Layer trait that can be turned on and off. Then it’ll always match the piece’s Game Piece Layer.

In this case the marker is a separate chit, placed on a counter (like OOS marker in OCS). I could not find any viable way to implemented using the layers. Anyway, it does not fix the bug.