Place Marker - Match Current State

Currently there is a Match Current State option in the Replace with Other trait, which is a very nice option. But in those situations where you want multiple pieces to replace a single piece, you could use the Place Marker trait to first place any extra pieces and then top it off with the Replace with Other trait. However the Place Marker trait doesn’t have the Match Current State option like the other trait, making it a tad more difficult to get all pieces to match the state of the replaced piece. Both traits are very similar and it would seem like a simple and good idea to give the Place Marker trait the same Match Current State option as the Replace with Other trait.

An example is the module I’m currently working on, I have pieces that may or may not be invisible at any given time. These pieces also spawn other pieces on top of them, which need to match the current visibility state of the piece they appeared on. As one of these pieces spawn multiple ones at a time, all of them have to match the current visibility state. A Match Current State option for Place Marker would make this as easy as pie.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what I’d have to do. I figure perhaps I could use a restricted gkc on the last piece that is spawned by the Replace with Other trait, along with the invisible property to see if the previous pieces should or should not be visible based on the last pieces state. Granted that wouldn’t be too difficult, but considering how very similar the two traits are I can’t see why they don’t share that Match Current State option.

Place Marker actually currently has a Match Rotation option, but to my understanding the Match Current State option also has that function built in to it. Was there a reason the Place Marker trait was only given the option to match rotation only?

Maybe you could first CLONE the current piece, like N-1 times if you need N pieces, then for each of N pieces have a REPLACE WITH OTHER, as appropriate, with Match Current State on.

That’s a better idea, I forgot the clone trait existed. :laughing: Thanks.