Play by email?

Can you play vassal modules via email? If not, do you know of a similar game board engine that allows email play?

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Yes, you can use Vassal to play games by email, or play games live.

(In fact, it’s even possible to combine both modes in a single game, playing some turns by email and some live.)

How would I go about doing this?

Can I have fog of war?

Is the coding difficult?

I know these are n00bish questions but…I am a n00b to Vassal…

Playing by email procedures are explained in the User Guide, which you can get by installing Vassal and checking the help menu. Essentially, Vassal records your moves to a log file. You then send that log file by email to your opponent who plays it back, and records his own log file to send to you.

‘Fog of war’ depends on the module you’re playing. Depending on the game, the designer may have already included provisions for hidden movement or similar secret-keeping. You should check the module for the game you’re interested in to see features what it includes.

As for module designing, it’s quite possible to create a full-featured fully functional module and never do any coding. The module editor uses a simple interface that lets you add in game features and specify settings very easily without having to be a programmer.

(Coding in Java is only needed for modules with functionality that’s not included in the standard Vassal toolkit. Vassal is very flexible right ‘out of the box.’ Although many modules include custom coding to reflect cool game features, or to automate game functions, it’s by no means necessary.)

On Mar 19, 2010, at 2:34 PM, DonMegel wrote:

That depends on what the module designer puts into the module.

Not as a player. You don’t have to code at all. All you need to do
is download the Vassal engine and then modules for the games you have
and want to play.

If you want to design modules, there is still no direct programming,
although trying to get fancy automation in modules (not always
recommended, by the way) can get complicated. But a simple module is
relatively easy to create, although it can be time consuming if there
are a lot of pieces you have to create.

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I definatly am looking to make my own module. I was in the process of making a wall map with magnets for counters. All of the battles are going to played using conflict of heroes but the strategic decisions will be on the world map. I saw vassal and thought it might be easier to track everything on the pc rather then spending all the money to make an imperfect wall map.Â

The art assets won’t be a problem, I do 3d work for games, but I’m terrible with code. Out of the box functionality is essential.Â

Can vassal add up a point value for occupied territories? Like the player has 10 spaces worth 3 points each, vassal shows 30? I don’t need it to do handle unit purchesing or production, just add up the provinces and fog of war.Â

[b] Is there a step by step instructions on how to get started with this system?. I have just joined up and need some help.


In the Module Manager, check Help > User Guide. The guide gives complete instructions on how to play games with Vassal.

[b] Thanks.
I’m having trouble downloading and getting them to work. I’ll try this again
But it’s pain at this point.

I also noticed that you have to have separate names and pass words for different sections of Vassals. I signed on to one for down loading and then I came here and it wanted a different password. ??? [/b]

Thus spake “nippaditty”:

Yes, the forum and the rest of the site do not share account information.

This is being worked on presently. The new web site will have a single
sign on for all areas.


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