Play Sound or not play sound... that is the question ;o)

(see informations below)
I made a “Prototype Definition called 1” in which I add a function “Play Sound”.
To play sound, the “Keyboard Command” is “ALT CTRL Q”.
Then, in [Map Window], the value of “Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map” is “ALT CTRL Q”.
=> so, when I move a counter, there is a sound.

I also have another prototype for my counter : when a counter declares a Charge (Right clic → Sub-menu CryHavoc and Charge [CTRL C]), a trigger perform another sound (ALT+ CTRL+P).

Okay, now I would like to have a button to allow players to switch OFF the sound…
I tried to use [Map - global Key] and Expression with the function ‘Play Sound’… but unsuccessfully.

Please see the module test 2,93Mo : …

Please, any ideas ?


Model Name: DELL
Model Identifier:
Processor Name: Intel Core i5-2520M
Processor Speed: 2.50 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Memory: 16 GB
ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB
HD Intel graphics 3000

VASSAL version 3.2.15
Java Standard Edition build 1.7.0_67-b01

That’s ok… but ;o)
I made 2 buttons to switch on/off sound BUT I lost the MOVED Marker when I move a counter… GRRRRRRRRRR

Please see the new version of the test module : …
See [MAP OPTION] >> [Global Property] >> GPLSound and his Toolbar Buttons…
See also [Game Piece Prototype Définition] called “1” :

  • “Mark when moved”
  • the 2 functions PLAY SOUND
  • the 2 triggers SOUND and NO SOUND

Thank you for your hlep !

ok, that is a success !
I can manage sound and the markers are ok ;o)