Play Sound - Send sound to other players does nothing

The “Send sound to other players” option within the Play Sound trait seems to do nothing. I have tested it by adding sounds to two different modules. In both cases, Vassal always sends sounds to other players whether the box is checked or not. Tested on versions 3.4.13 and 3.6.5 and behavior is the same.

Thanks for the report. I’ve checked the code and that option does not appear to be wired up to anything.

Funny - I assumed it was working all this time but I rarely play my own modules, aside from solo testing. Finally played online this weekend and heard a cacophony of mouse clicks during the simultaneous planning phase as the button feedback sounds aren’t supposed to be shared. I’m stunned players thought that was normal. Anyway, it would be nice feature to have but I suppose the first step is to see if it even exits in the code somewhere…

Ha ha, it’s been broken for ever, as far as I can tell. That option was added in the dark distant past (pre 2006), but it was never implemented.

I have put a PR up for the 1 line fix, it might sneak into 3.6.6.

Same here - I use the option a little bit but I never cottoned on that it wasn’t working.

The fix will go out in 3.6.6, probably later today.

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This feature now works in both modules. Thanks!