Player in multiplayer left without retireing and now new player can not take side

There used to be a vassal preferences file (zip file) but in wondows 11 i can not find it.
that preference fill used to save all the modules passwords. I need to find is as the past player did not rettires and the sides Axis and Side Japan are locked out for the new replacement player.

Your own personal module passwords will be in a set of files named according to the modules they relate to, stored in:


Of course replacing <username> with whatever your Windows username is.

But locating these won’t help you with your problem–the departed player’s password locking the player sides is embedded in the game’s logfiles and/or saved game files you have. Knowing your own module passwords isn’t going to help, you need to get the old player’s password. There isn’t a readily-available user solution for this, but if you are able to post your most recent logfile to some form of cloud storage I can extract the password and unlock the player side(s) for you.

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Hi Joel
here is a one drive directory with vassal game log 068SU_JA_1940AOMH!At3WT4JfWujAgZBlWfqPkGDmEmk54w?e=WzHj4z

I’ll also need a link to the module being used. The logfile indicates it was created with a newer version of the module than what is available on the module page here.

Hi Joel

I placed the module in the same place.

Here’s a saved game with the requested Axis and Japanese player sides vacated.

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