Player / PBEM

Hi, sorry for my english …
I look for a player for the following games with PBEM (Vassal of course) :

  • Red Star/White Eagle de GDW
  • panzerkrieg - AH/Cosi
  • Viva Zapata
  • Beda Fomm de GDW
  • Iron Tide: Panzers in the Ardennes - Pacific Rim
  • Struggle for Europe - war without mercy COA
  • Panzerblitz / PanzerLeader - AH
  • Anzio - AH
  • France 40 - AH
  • Guns of august - AH

Best regards

as tu reçu mon mail sur strategikon concernant panzerleader?

I’m interested in playing any Struggle for Europe game (I have all three games, but have never had a chance to play against an opponent).

I’ll play Anzio

Hi, yes, I send you a PM with my mail.
I live in France and I play by email.
Have you a preference for a scenario and the side ?
Best regards

No preference to side or scenario. I live in CST USA.