Player select as AND/OR rather than the current OR

I’m working on a module for John Prados’ 3rd Reich, which has 5 possible player nations.

The basic side delineations are:


  1. Germany
  2. France & US
  3. Soviet Union
  4. Britain
  5. Italy


  1. G
  2. B, F, US
  3. SU
  4. I


  1. G, I
  2. B, F, US
  3. SU


  1. G, I
  2. B, F, US, SU

Because there is hidden information in the game, I need to use player sides.

As far as I can tell, currently choosing a side is an either/or thing.

So for example, if I wanted someone to be able to play Britain AND US, I would need to denote an additional B&F side over and above the “Britain” and “US” sides.

This is certainly doable, but would make the Choose Side dropdown box long to the point of silliness… and things get even worse if you include the PTO half of the game and its additional nations.

Are there any plans to change the dropdown box to a checklist? Or something with the equivalent end result - letting Player choose as many as they like?

I realize this feature is probably not needed for ~98% of wargames, but I’m politely asking anyway.

Thank you for your time.

You can get around this by making the startups a saved game in which the Sides that do not apply are already taken up by ‘phantom’ players. So in a 4 player game, only the applicable 4 sides are left to choose from.

Yes, Joel has said he wants to look into this, but it is not a simple change, there are deep underlying structural issues that will need to be dealt with.

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