Player side assignment issues

I’m currently experiencing an issue with the assignment of player sides when joining a room.

Typically, if multiple sides are available a dialog will pop up asking the player to select a side, and if only a single side remains will default the joining player to that side.

The bug that seems to be regularly occurring is that when a player joins a room with both sides already assigned, eg) Player One and Player Two, instead of being assigned the Observer side, they’ll be assigned either Player One or Player Two.

While this is already problematic, sometimes it will additionally kick one of the already present players into null side assignment.

These issues are all using the Malifaux module version 3a in Vassal 3.5.8.

A) 3.6.2 is now the current version, and it fixes some bugs with side assignment.
B) I’m guessing somebody has a blank password; that’s generally the root cause of side assignment issues, because VASSAL uses passwords to associate players with their sides.

In VASSAL 3.5.8 it’s possible to experience this bug even if all players have non-blank passwords, but the predefined setup from which the game was launched has a blank password embedded in it for an observer! See this thread for background.

The easiest solution is for all players to use the current version of VASSAL.

Thanks for the info - I’ll get everyone migrated to the new version.