Player side / retirement mechanics when switching computers?

Hi all,

I am playing a game which has hidden components which can be accessed only if you are the correct player (e.g., the axis card hand can only be seen by the axis player), but as i want to be able to play from 2 or more computers, could someone explain the mechanics of how vassal automatically knows the side you are playing (when i start up playing a new log in a current game, for instance, it automatically sets me as the axis player, but only if i am playing on the same computer i was last using as the axis player.

do i have to keep retiring from the axis side to switch to another computer or can vassal track a set of computers any of which might be used by the axis player at any point?

thanks for any insight into this. cheers,

bruce sears

I think (I am not an expert) that when you save the game, you will be remembered as the player that you were when you saved the game.

Regarding that particular module (I assume you mean TK2), I recall being frustrated playing solitaire in TK1 that I had to keep retiring to move between Axis, Allies and Soviets. Perhaps you would consider adding a referee player, or at least a player that can access both the Allies and the Soviet cards?

yes, i agree that’s how it works, but i’m wondering if i can be “registered” on multiple machines as a particular player so that i don’t need to know where i’ll be the next time i’m playing…

re referee players in TK2, i think that would be a hole in the security of player side info. having a single allied player possibility might be okay though… maybe i’ll try that out after i make the next AE (TK/DS) release.

I think its actually your password that determines your side. So if you use the same password on each computer, you will automatically be recognized as the same side.

interesting. under File->Preferences, there is a name and password setting. if i make these identical on the different machines, then i would get access to my side on whichever computer i’m on?

is this correct? i’ll give it a shot when i get a chance though to see.



Exactly, but as I said, I think only password really matters.