Player sides in pre defined setup

I’m using version 3.6.7 and struggling with a player side selection issue. I’ve searched and discovered I’m not the only one who’s inadvertently saved a pre defined set up as a side unintentionally, rather than swapping to observer before doing so.

I, however can’t seem to fix it by going back into the saved game and retiring as observer, then re adding the save game into the module - it just doesn’t work for me? This process seems to work for others?

Thanks in advance…


What you posted sounds right. Can you lay out (in detail) what steps you’re taking? Maybe there’s a small omission in the process along the way. The minimal steps to solve this issue should be:

  1. Load the predefined setup in which you are assigned to a player side that’s meant to be available to anyone (if you haven’t altered your module password at any point, this is likely as simple as just loading the predefined setup)
  2. Use the retire feature to abandon the player side and take observer status.
  3. Save the game to a known location on your hard drive, close the module
  4. Open the module in the Editor.
  5. Find the predefined setup, load in the replacement file that you saved in step 3. Save the module.

What (if anything) are you doing differently?

Typing this as I do it;

Loaded pre defined game as “Allies”
Retired to “Observer”
Saved to HDD
Close module
Open Editor
Find Saved file (different location to last previous attempts)
Saved into module
Closed Editor

Reopen module - “Solo” option not there :frowning:

“Solo” is there if creating a custom game, so it’s not an issue with player sides.

This is same module (A World at War) that I asked previous questions about private windows, I successfuly fixed all those issues :slight_smile:



OK, that’s different from what I was expecting. Has this Solo player side always been unavailable for selection? I was assuming you were the one who had mistakenly locked that player side and that you would be slotted into it when loading the predefined setup. If you are being given the option to choose a side when loading the predefined setup, that tells me your module password does not match any passwords in that file that might be locking player sides. Shorter–could that player side have been locked by a prior editor of the module, someone different than you?

Can you post the file to some form of cloud storage where I could look at it? If so, I would also need specifics about which predefined setup has the issue (I have no idea how many there are for this game).

I was the one who locked it, I created the pre defined scenario, and no one else has opened it.

I’ve updated my password previously in an attempt to unlock the missing player position, to no avail lol.

There’s only one pre defined setup so far, I deliberately didn’t create any more until this one is fixed…

I have the module in my DropBox folder, I can send you a link/invite?

Thanks for speedy responses :slight_smile:


PM’d you a link - didn’t know that was possible when I posted :slight_smile:

This was the problem. There were several variations on a password stored in the predefined setup for different instances of you as observer, but you hadn’t hit upon the one that was locking the Solo player side.

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Many thanks,

Module now updated successfully! :+1: