Playing both sides on the same computer - no mask or invisib

I am trying to play both sides in a game on the same computer. I load up one army and mask part of it, and make the rest invisible. When I retire and switch sides to player 2, I can still see all the pieces in the same state as player 1 does.

If I play over the internet with one computer on each side, it works properly, with player 2 only able to see masked pieces of player 1 (and vice versa).

Why is this, and how do I play both sides on one computer?

Vassal version 3.0.17

Because piece invisibility is keyed to your password in preferences. You need to swap between two different passwords.

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I guess passwords is something I need to set up then - any quick tip as to where that is in the editor? :slight_smile:

OK found it. Didn’t think to actually look in the game… :blush: