Playing by email help?

I’m looking to setting up a game for PBEM, specifically the Flying Colors module. Is there a way to do this…any help in the forum for this? Do both players just set up offline games, or is there a way to have a consolidated board on the Vassal server?

Thanks much!

VASSAL comes with a User’s Guide. Look for it in the Help menu after launching the application–it has a section on PBEM play.

Generally, you’d open a module, choose a scenario, select your player side, and then start recording a logfile for your moves. This is sent to the opponent, who opens the logfile, plays it back to review what happened, then records his own logfile. Players merely exchange logfiles back and forth. Unlike Cyberboard, there is no need to keep a saved game file in addition to logs.

Thanks much Joel, I appreciate the help.

I did the above for HitlersReich Vassal game but my opponnent didnt get a choice of sides and saw my cards… is there something i am doing wrong?? I opened a game, recorded a logfile and emailed. He double clicked on the logfile but then saw my cards??