Playing Face to Face

This probably seems like a strange question, but here it goes.

Can you play offline (Lan), face to face with Vassal. I know I may as well take the boxes out and play them, but our group is thinking of going electronic for our table top when playing D&D and thought we could also do the same with the board games. It makes setting up so much easier as well as some other obvious things.

I played with it a bit and found you can start it in offline mode, but what does that mean? Can you still connect via another computer as the second player using your lan? Or do you need to be online for that?


You guys need one of these :slight_smile:

Five to ten grand so it isn’t so bad :slight_smile:

I will have to ask Santa for such a thing. :wink:

The “Direct peer-to-peer” option in the Server tab of the Preferences allows you to play over a LAN, but there’s a bug that’s preventing it from working in the current version. It will be fixed in v3.1


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