Playing games live with more than 2 players

Hi all,

I have played heaps of 2 players on Vassal over the years. I am now looking for advice on the best way to play a live game through vassal with more than 2 players. The game we are thinking of playing is WIF, however any tips from games that take a while to play and involve a lot of user interaction would be helpful. I envisage it could be pretty chaotic without some serious organisation and ground rules.


IMHO, VASSAL handles this pretty well. I’d suggest that getting a multiparty Skype session going allows you all to talk through what’s currently happening - and to quibble endlessly over the the WIF rules. :slight_smile:

The map focus pulls to the “moving unit” so I’m finding it best for one person at a time to be working with the counters (unless there are a couple of close by stacks when you don’t really notice).

Maybe create a dropbox with a known password to save your, ah, save files? All good.

Overall, very usable for games like Wellington and Sword of Rome. WiF over VASSAL is some serious effort (compared to a game with lower counter density) but what the hell? “Wife is Furious” anyway… ;-)


This is module-dependent. You can set a module’s global options in the Editor to always move focus to a moving piece, never move focus, or make it depend on a user-level preference.