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Can you play a game with Vassal on your own PC by yourself in order to learn the Vassal system, or does it demand two seperate PCs?


Even if it is a multiplayer game, if you so choose, you can control all the pieces and play a game on your own. That’s why there’s the option to start a new game offline (don’t know if you’ve installed Vassal or not).

I have download Vassal, and For the People game, (I got the really old original boardgame), and I’m trying to learn how to play the game using the Vassal system so I can play online with people (I’ve got the day off so I’ve got time to kill). But I cant seem to figure out how to make units move and switch off between sides.


PS Ive got Ventrillo and Skype so If anyone can talk me thru it i would be grateful

All you have to do to change sides is click the retire button towards the top left, then click join another side. The rest should be pretty straightforward.

As for anything else, try looking through the quick start guide located in the Help menu first, and if there’s any specific questions you have that aren’t answered in there, ask away.

Okay…I think I’m figuring this out…when it says “Retire”…I was thinking quit, give up, start over, etc…Not next phase, next turn, switch sides etc.
Plus I wasnt sure what if anything the program controls…which appears to be nothing…it just monitors the board.


Most of them do. I think the main point of Vassal is to provide a platform for making games like this, and leaving it open enough for the main rules of the game to be enforced by the players. And yes, the “retire” command can be a little confusing, but it is by no means the turn counter. You have to custom make those, and I don’t think that module has one.

On Apr 23, 2009, at 9:52 AM, Molokai wrote:

The only really tricky part is that Vassal ties your side identity to
the Password, and not the user name.
So you need to use a different password for each side when you log in.

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