Playing Terraforming Mars Solo

Hi all,

I’ve downloaded the latest Vassal 3.2.17 (which Im new to) and Terraforming Mars module 2.3.1.

I’m trying to run a local game SOLO. But
a) I cant work out how to get rid of all the extra players (it doesnt ask how many players)
b) how to start a turn

Any tips?

Hi, you should find some help from the help menu.
You don’t need to play with all the expansions. You decide which decks you want to mix with the projects.
For example, if you want to play with Venus Next, before any other move, click Show/Hide Venus Next, and right click on the 2 drawings of Milestones and Awards to add them, then on the projects deck, and on the venus corps. All will be mixed with other decks.
On the Main Map, you will notice 3 vertical decks around the word Projects. The 2 left ones have to be sent and mixed by a right click with START and click to send to deck.
You’ll need to pick 2 corpos from the Advanced Corporation Cards Deck. At this time it will contain the default corps, and advanced era, and Venus corps if you added them.
If you want to add Prelude, they are neer the pink boxes. right click to mix the corpos before you take them.
at last, you will pick 4 prelude cards by a right click, and 10 projects along with your 2 corpos.

Everything is sent to your research map.
It’s visible from your color.

If you want to play solo, just ignore the other colors.
The solo game requires to first set your score at 14, from the Score & Counters Menu, clicking on your Color Icon and score. Then relocate your Colored TM from the same menu.

Then, for the solo game, you must return 4 cards from the projects deck, and based on their cost place 2 cities and 2 greeneries.
Throw the cards after that.
1st card price defines the number of cells to count from top left of the Map to bottom right (ignoring ocean tiles) to place a city.
2nd card price defines where to place the greenery that will touch that city, start counting from top right=1 and turn around the city until 6, then go on. Ignore oceans location as well.
3rd card defines where to place the city from bottom right, starting at 1, up to top left. same rule for the Greenery.

If you get stuck after the research phase, that may be because you forgot to click on Phase: Actions ! This locks the research maps and lets you play your cards.

It may not be intuitive at first, but you should find your way … if you already know the game :slight_smile:

feel free to send me private messages. I developed the module.

Version 2.3.4 is now available with 3 preset games, ready for solo, all colors set at 14 points.
Prelude And Venus projects and corpos are mixed with default cards.
You just need to place the first 2 cities and their forests by drawing 4 cards from the project pile.
Then take 2 corpos, 4 preludes, and 10 projects …


I played a SOLO game. How is it possible to pre-set up the game in order to play a SOLO game ?

Hi, you need to start a Solo Game, choose the Map, move score counters to 14 … and save the game.
Then edit the module, add a predefined setup, using the saved file.
You will probably create 3 different starts, with the 3 maps.
You can shuffle all the decks before the save, so you’ll have Venus AND Prelude available in your saved/predefined setups as well.
Now, because the Map board selection must be done before you can even save the game, you will not be able to have both : full choice AND predefined setups.
Maybe you would need an extra 3 starts for the multiplayer games, with your favorite colour chosen. That’s what I do. I play only with blue.