Playing the same module on different systems

I love to play using Vassal. It has helped me continue to play with my friend who has moved away.

On occasion I need to travel for business. It’s not a good idea to lug along my home laptop so I installed Vassal on the business laptop. The only problem is Vassal doesn’t recognize me as the original play and won’t show me my hidden games piece or allow me to manipulate. Now I had copied the module and associated game logs and saves to the work laptop.

So my question is, if I need to move a game in progress to a different computer, what can I copy from the original computer so Vassal with continue to work as if nothing changed? The same would apply if I was upgrading to a new laptop. Thanks. :confused:

You need to go into Preference → Personal and set the same password that you use on your home laptop.


Thanks for the reply. I wonder if you can change the password while a game is in progress without locking yourself out. It’s been so long since I set up the module, I am not sure I know the password…

You can extract the password from the game file if necessary. I’m not sure if it’s bad form to publicly post instructions, but feel free to send me a private message if you’re comfortable running a java command line.

Or if you like you can send me a link to your saved game and I’ll send you your password back.