Please help me learn Twilight Struggle


I’m new to Twilight Struggle. I have read through all the instructions at least once. I have also worked through the scenario given in the booklet on my gameboard. So now, I’d just like someone to be very patient with me and mentor me in the game as I learn.

Additionally, I’ll need some guidance with a PBEM game. I’d like to use the Vassal Engine and get good at that since I don’t have any opponents here at home. I’m okay with the game taking weeks. I’m ready to start anytime.

So who’s up to helping out a newbie?

Thanks for considering!


Not sure anyone still play with vassal : … /?l=french
To learn the game in deep :

Joe I send you a PM

In my opinion, the best way is to play on vassal as often as you possibly can, over and over and over.

There are still lots of opponents around in the main room, almost any time of day.

Some people can be impatient with people still learning the game, but don’t worry about them. Find the people who will be patient and help you learn. I’m one of them. And a new player beat me in 3 turns just last night! It was pure luck, of course.

I’m also interested, I’m a beginner online but played several games in IRL. Could you send me a PM if you are interested ?