Please, please, PLEASE someone play me!!!

I’m having trouble finding someone to play Vassal modules with. I swear I’m a gracious winner/loser and have good game etiquette. Maybe it is my choice of games, who knows? I’m begging for opponents here!! I’ll do PBEM or live. I’m not saying I will be a hard-as-nails opponent at every game I’m interested in. Some I am better at than others. Some I’ve rarely played. A few I consider myself very, very good at. I any case, I’m a pretty quick learner. I own all the games I want to play.

Modules/games I am familiar with and feel reasonably comfortable playing on Vassal:

A&A Guadalcanal
A&A Battle of the Bulge
Arkham Horror
Carcassonne: The Castle
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
Memoir '44
Middle Earth Quest
Pandemic (I am not familiar with the expansion, though)
Space Hulk: Death Angel
Battle Cry
Lost Cities
Puerto Rico
Robo Rally
Shadows over Camelot
Win, Place and Show

Games I’d like to learn: Breakout: Normandy, Tigris and Euphrates, Race for the Galaxy, Hannibal: Rome Vs. Carthage


hello there Captain …i will always play Memoir 44 but as i am in Oz with strange work times i can only do PBEM. if you like set up a game and send it to

thanks Jim

I would be interested in PBEM format of some of the games. I have all of the Carcassonne games, lost cities,robo rally, win place & show. I also have some personal mods of railroad games(trans america, ticket to ride fan made maps, ROTW) if interested in any. Any others would take a little learning but would try, again in a PBEM format.


Sounds great, Joe! Sent you a private message about playing. I really enjoy the Carcassonne series of games, along with Lost Cities, Robo Rally, Etc. And I haven’t gotten to play Win, Place and Show for years! It would be could if we could get a couple other players for that one.

Looking forward to doing some PBEM.


Win place and show would be fun with four or more players, and I would be up for that as well.

MEMOIR '44 (online)


Willing to play/teach Hannibal… But only live and using Skype. I find being able to talk while playing makes the game more enjoyable.


I would be willing to play Arkham Horror if you forgive the fact that I have never played it using Vassal before.




I can play any of these from your list:

A&A Battle of the Bulge
Arkham Horror
Carcassonne: The Castle
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
Memoir '44
Middle Earth Quest
Lost Cities
Hannibal: Rome Vs. Carthage

What do you prefer PBEM or live game?.

Aurimas (Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe, planet Earth)

I am trying to find Arkham players on here so if you ever wanted to play a game of Arkham, I am all ears.

Hello there to all :slight_smile:

I use to be connected almost every evening in the EU timezone (GMT+1) trying to find MEMOIR 44 opponents. Mainly I have a weakness for scenarios with Winter Combat Cards/Winter Weather rules.
I’d like to play several of them using the Simplified Campaign Rules, if someone is interested. :smiley:

Anyone interested may contact