Please read my mind!

I am designing a module and configuring the auto-report of the main map window. Instead of reporting $pieceName$ as requested, it is reporting the value of a Dynamic property called “strength” (a numeric value), except when the piece is masked, and it then sends “?” instead . $oldPieceName$ and $newPieceName$ don’t seem to work either.

What am I doing wrong? Isn’t pieceName simply the name specified by Basic Piece?

Hi Meng,

Can’t really tell without seeing your module. My guess is that you are displaying Strength in a text label on top of an active layer that has a blank name specified with neither the ‘is prefix’ or ‘is suffix’ option clicked and so the layer name is replacing the piece name.

“?” is the correct value when a piece is masked.

I’m not sure why you would think they would work, they are not on the drop-down list of available items?

Add a text label and display $BasicName$ and $PieceName$ when the piece is on the board.


Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney

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Hence request to read my mind. I think you got the answer though, or close, my layers are all named, and the name is replacing the piece name (it’s linked to strength).

Because they’re on the drop-down list for items modified within a map. True, they aren’t on the drop-down list for just moving items around - hey, can’t blame me for experimenting! :smiley:

Okay, that did it.


I realised later that you meant the ‘Report Action’ trait, not the auto-reports in the Map component. I have added an RFE for 3.2 to change where possible the items on the drop-down lists in all report formats to match the standard BasicPiece property names. The oldnames will still work, but will not appear inthe drop-down list.


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