POG, Stalins war, Hannibal GMT+2

Hi I have been playing some games here at vassal, mostly pbem, but also by skype (live). I have bought these three games and would love to try them by Vassal. I am interested both in pbem and live play. Havent played the games before but will learn the rules (have read them). Played 2 games of shifting sands and some games of TS so a bit familiar to CDGs.

Im happy to give you a PBEM of Stalin’s war. We could play via ACTS/Vassal. I would prefer to go the soviets given a choice but am not overly fussy.

It would be a fairly relaxed pace . I dont have time for 3-4 turns a day.

Let me know if that suits you ?


Up for PBEM of Paths of Glory. Only played once live, so we can muddle through it together. Up for either side, so take your pick.

E-mail: Kevin.D.Earle@gmail.com